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A collaborative music workshop St. Paul’s Cathedral Choirs The Buffalo Public Schools Vocal Music Department

The goals of the workshop:

  • To bring young musicians together in an environment that fosters a high level of musicianship and dedication.
  • To strengthen basic vocal technique
  • To strengthen basic music theory and sight-reading sklls.
  • To cultivate new musical relationships.
  • To open and offer the St. Paul’s Music Department as a musical resource to students in the Buffalo Public School system.
  • Event Itinerary

    Friday, October 22nd
    9:30am Introduction
    – St. Paul’s Kids sing
    – Logistics and movement for Saturday concert
    – Formation of three workshop groups

    10:00am Workshop begins
    Three rotating workshops on:
    (1) Gospel and the Voice, led by Karen Williams
    (2) Vocal Technique, led by Veronica Shanchuk and Frank Scinta
    (3) The Development of Sight-reading, led by Jonathan Scarozza

    (10:35am – conclude first workshop, rotate to next workshop)
    10:40am Workshop begins

    (11:15am – conclude second workshop, rotate to next workshop)
    11:20am Workshop begins

    (11:55am – conclude final workshop, and all must be out of the church for noontime Eucharist)
    12:00pm Lunch

    (actual time of FOM Friday Recital)
    12:30pm Master Class using 5 singers from each participating choir

    12:50pm All singers rehearsal for an all-singers combined choral work

    1:30pm School kids return to their schools

    Saturday, October 23rd
    8:30am All singers arrive at St. Paul’s

    8:45am Warm-up commences for all singers

    9:00am School A has fifteen minutes in the church
    – During this time, the next school in line for rehearsal in the church remains in the church. The remainder can go down to the basement for snacks and refreshment.
    – The will be extra space available in the choir room, across the street, for extra rehearsal time, if needed.

    9:15am School B in the church

    9:30am School C in the church

    9:45am School D in the church

    10:00am School E in the church

    10:15am Full Choir Rehearsal for the joint choral work

    (10:40am we must all be out of the church to allow the crowd to enter)
    11:00am Concert

    Reception follows – location TBD

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