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About Friends of Music

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Who We Are

Friends of Music at St. Paul’s Cathedral, Buffalo, NY was founded for several reasons:

(1) To foster an appreciation of sacred and other music within the Western New York community.

(2) To sponsor programs designed to further music appreciation and understanding both locally and in the wider community through exchange and collaborative programming, including choir exchange programs, concerts, master classes and joint programs with other similar entities.

(3) To provide financial support to other individuals and entities engaged in similar pursuits and to seek and create opportunities to raise such funds throughout the community.

(4) To promote, facilitate, and seek funding for musical education for children in the Buffalo and Western New York community.

Friends of Music was incorporated, in part, to enable the organization to apply for grant monies to further enhance the education and concert schedules at St. Paul’s.

Friends of Music also contributes $10,000 towards the annual salary of the assistant organist-choirmaster.
Please contact the Cathedral for more information on how to become a member of Friends of Music.

Interested in Becoming a Friend of Music at the Cathedral?

If you are interested in becoming a Friend of Music and singing in the Mens and Boys Choir or Girls’ Choir, please find out more information here or contact Friends of Music now.

The Boys’ Training Choir and The Girls’ Training Choir

A young boy or girl who is interested in singing at St. Paul’s Cathedral in Buffalo, NY begins in the Training Choir Program. The Boys’ and Girls’ Training Choirs are designed for boys and girls ages 6-9. The Choirmaster will advise younger choristers when they are ready to graduate from the training choir program to the regular Boys’ or Girls’ Choirs. The objective of the training choir program is to focus on basic music reading skills, provide concentrated ear training, and to lay the foundation for healthy basic vocal production. Some skills that are given great attention include a concentration on pitch matching, rhythm understanding, piano skills, and following a musical score. Choristers in the Boys’ and Girls’ Training Choirs rehearse once per week. As each chorister develops a greater understanding of the materials, he or she is encouraged to take on a greater time commitment to the choirs.

Here is the basic schedule of the Training Choirs:

The Boys’ Training Choir
* One rehearsal a week commitment (Tuesdays from 4.30pm until 5.20pm)

The Girls’ Training Choir
* One rehearsal a week commitment (Wednesdays from 4.30pm until 5.20pm)

Objective of the Training Choirs
* Focus on basic music reading skills, ear training, and basic vocal production
(especially concentrating on pitch, rhythm, piano skills, and following a musical score)

The Cathedral Choirs

The Cathedral Boys’ Choir

St. Paul’s Cathedral Boys’ Choir has been in existence at Buffalo’s Episcopal Cathedral for well over one hundred years. The legacy of a men and boys’ choir dates back even farther; boys sang the Divine Offices with the monks in early Christianity, and boys’ choirs sang for English Cathedral services as early as the 12th century. Alumni of our Boys’ Choir include distinguished composers, conductors, singers and instrumentalists. The boys sing weekly some of the greatest choral compositions in church music; furthermore, the Boys’ Choir also instills discipline, high standards, and a sense of teamwork. The boys rehearse twice weekly, and sing services in the Cathedral most Sundays during the school year. During the past decade, the boys have toured both domestically and internationally. Choristers are drawn from various schools in the Buffalo area. Membership in the choirs is open to choristers of all religious traditions or none. Most boys and girls begin in the training choirs. Choristers graduate from the training choir program having met the minimum musical standards expected in the Cathedral Boys’ and Girls’ Choirs.

The Cathedral Girls’ Choir

St. Paul’s Cathedral Girls’ Choir has developed a reputation as one of the finest ensembles of its kind in an American cathedral. The girls have also traveled extensively over the past decade. At the Episcopal Cathedral in Buffalo, NY, the Girl’s Choir offers a parallel experience to the Boys’ Choir, providing girls the opportunity to receive a unique music education that throughout history in the Anglican tradition has been more accessible to boys. The girls also rehearse twice weekly, and sing services in the Cathedral most Sundays during the school year. The music program at St. Paul’s Cathedral has been the cornerstone of many brilliant musical careers, and it teaches young children qualities that are valuable assets in later life.

The Gentlemen of the Choir at St. Paul’s Cathedral

The Gentlemen of the Choir at St. Paul’s are made up of twelve male singers: four altos, four tenors, and four basses. The gentlemen rehearse once per week and sing regularly with both the Boys’ and the Girls’ Choirs. St. Paul’s Cathedral Choir of Men and Boys was established at St Paul’s Cathedral, Buffalo in 1867. For over a century at St. Paul’s, the gentlemen of the choir have been a part of an unparalleled musical education for boys. Today at St. Paul’s Cathedral, the girls in the program are afforded the same opportunity. For fifty percent of the program year, parishioners at St. Paul’s are accustomed to hearing the Choir of Men and Girls, and for the remaining fifty percent, the Choir of Men and Boys. Membership in the gentlemen’s choir is by competitive audition.

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