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Geoffrey Seiner

Geoffrey Siener (son of Bill and Estelle Siener), sang with the Men/Boys’ Choir from 1990-2003. He graduated from City Honors, and then Canisius College with a BS in Computer Science. Geoff moved to NYC in 2003 where he was hired at The Doe Fund as a PC Technician. He is presently the Information Systems Manager, overseeing most database systems at the company

Geoffrey and Nadezhda Ball will be married in August 2011 in NYC.

Geoffrey states that each of the choir trips that he took in 1993, 1996, and 2000 were memorable. Many of the friendships Geoff made during his time at St. Paul’s continue to this day, even though he has moved away. “I think that choir is a major reason that music, not only choral music, but music in general, has been such a constant in my life”. Geoff currently sings with Ave Stein, former assistant choirmaster, at the Church of St. Matthew and St. Timothy on the Upper West Side in NYC.

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