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Michele Lombardo Cavallaro

Michele Lombardo Cavallaro sang in the Cathedral Girls’ Choir from 1985-1992. She then went on to SUNY at Geneseo, where she earned a BA in English Literature and Modern European Studies. Michele lives in Rochester, NY with her husband, Jeff Cavallaro, and their new daughter who was just born on Wednesday, August 25. Michele is currently a Senior Project Manager for VirtualScopics, a Rochester-based imaging company.

Michele speaks of her experience of singing in the Girls’ Choir, although difficult in the beginning (because she was very young and very small), as teaching her important life lessons, such as a strong work ethic, dedication, and motivation. The experience taught her that hard work is valuable and rewarding, giving her an incredible appreciation for the of love music and singing, and lifelong friendships.

Michele found that the choir trips generated a love of adventure and travel, .ie trips to Montreal, Florida, New York City, and especially to England, where she still remembers the thrill of singing Evensong in St. Alban’s and Gloucester Cathedrals. She will be forever grateful to the generous host families who shared their culture with her. For Michele, St. Paul’s, and the people of St. Paul’s, are part of the best memories from her formative years.

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